Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Because maintaining a web site is not yet part of my normal routine, I am behind schedule. Here's a bit of Worthy potpourri that will catch up the last couple of weeks.

Nolan had his first Cub Scout outing. It was a family picnic and visit to the Greenville Zoo.

With eight days of home school completed, I am no expert, but the list of reasons why I love it is growing daily. And (gasp!) we do get out to wonderful places and interact with children and adults. Who knew?! Here, Nolan enjoys an aquatic ecology class at Paris Mountain State Park.

Making clouds in a jar:

August 20 - The first day of high school and home school:

Nolan and I have been wearing out our membership card at Roper Mountain Science Center. The classes are exceptional and we always end up in the butterfly garden.

And from the South Carolina State Museum:
Look out NASA.

It looks like we might get our $29.95 worth after all. :)

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