Thursday, October 30, 2008

looky lou...

I write words (and people pay me for that) -- you know, when I'm not doing the other stuff I've done this week, like teaching homeschoolers about the presidential election process, getting ready for the 150 or so trick-or-treaters I am expecting tomorrow night, or hacking my lungs out like a chain smoker (Thanks, Florida!).

My breast cancer story is teased on the front page on The Greenville News online today.

And my story about Holding Crosses was in yesterday's Tribune Times. I had never heard about Holding Crosses before being asked to write the story. Learn more about them here.

Enjoy. Cough, cough.

And dang, I really do own a very nice camera and might one day post a picture and update my Flickr account...

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Leslie said...

Thanks Chris for sharing your articles. I especially enjoyed the Holding Cross article. In fact, I have ordered me some of the crosses.