Monday, February 18, 2008

Hangin' with my peeps, yo


Or something like that. This is from Winter Jam Friday night, which turned out to be a fun way to reach certain realizations about my rapidly advancing age. I found myself saying things like "When did concerts become so loud?"

My wonderful  husband was able to get box seats through his office, so this photo was taken from my hideout in the lounge area. A lovely sound-diffusing piece of glass separated us from the kids and gave us a few decibels edge on them.

Mercy Me was fantastic, as expected, and we heard a couple of songs from Connorsvine (never heard of them before). They were great and it turns out that half the duo is the punter for the Indianapolis Colts. I also learned that Guest Services stocks a ready supply of ear plugs.


Laura said...

Am I one of your peeps? Not quite sure what a peep is. Guess I'm now entering the old and out of touch category too!

Caroline said...

Wow, Mom, totally not dorky!