Tuesday, April 1, 2008

If you find March, please let me know

In any event, April is here and I neglected to post several March stories.

This story gives some great information (from the experts, not me) about organizing kids' rooms. Black garbage bags are my own personal weapon in that ongoing battle.

If you are an imperfect parent, raise a glass with me and celebrate while you read about a few of my own imperfections. On a semi-related note, I read today that some woman was arrested for stalking John Cusack. For the record, I have been here (or in the dentist's chair) all day.

On page 41 of the March issue of WNC Parent (available in a super cool online viewer here), is my first column about homeschooling. It has generated a surprising number of emails and calls from moms who want to know how I made the leap. I have answered their questions as best I can. The second column -- a response to this one -- has been filed and will run in the next few months.

Now, I am off to seize April before it disappears, too.

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Maureen said...

That's an interesting story Chris, and a path I think I would take today if I were the parent. I know someone who did the same with her children, and the decision was not connected to any religious foundation.

btw, I would have stared college at 15 except my birthday is Sept 2nd!