Thursday, August 14, 2008

cardiologists, rejoice


Live life on the edge: eat this quiche.

I started with this recipe for the crust. The quiche base is four eggs, about a cup and a half of milk (you can totally drink whole if you want), a half cup of heavy cream, a half cup of freshly grated mozzarella, salt and pepper to taste. Whisk violently, pour into the super easy crust and bake at 375 until set, about 35 minutes or so.


I recommend serving it with a side of homegrown (but not by me) tomatoes and peppers. Also, if I were to make a personal pan quiche, this would be made with goat cheese in lieu of mozzarella. Of course, I would need a team of cardiologists in that case.

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Angela said...

I love quiche and this looks wonderful... you remind me though that it is almost time for that cholesterol check. LOL