Saturday, November 8, 2008



...proof that God loves us.

This was half a perfectly ripe avocado (which I hardly ever find, actually) mashed with a couple of tablespoons of homemade salsa. Today's incarnation of the salsa is below. The summer version is an entirely different animal. The same could be said about me.

Homemade Salsa: The Winter Version

28 oz. can of whole tomatoes

1/4 medium sized yellow onion

1/4 cup of pepper mix (I used a mixture of hot and sweet peppers from the freezer.)

Cilantro (A good handful of fresh, unless it's gross at your store as it was at mine. In that case, dried is a poor substitute, but I had to make do.)

A dash of sugar and salt

A generous amount of fresh ground black pepper

Drain tomato juice into food processor. Add onion, peppers and cilantro and pulse until finely chopped. Pour into another bowl and then pulse the tomatoes in the processor until desired consistency. Combine everything and add salt, sugar and black pepper to taste. Great with blue corn chips.

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