Tuesday, November 25, 2008

his own tune


We celebrated the end of the semester for our homeschool co-op last week. Music class for the older kids now includes guitar lessons. Here, my boy is jamming to "Joy to the World."

Miscellaneous homeschool notes for the week:

  • Nolan is continuing to enjoy Time4Learning and it is resulting in much improved writing. He does not complain about it. That is no small thing.
  • If you are in South Carolina, I highly recommend the Leonardo da Vinci Machines in Motion exhibit at the South Carolina State Museum. We attended a class there last Friday and there were squeals of delight from our area. Nolan enjoyed it, too.
  • Despite the transparently slick marketing campaign (not because of it), I bought the first book in the The 39 Clues series for Nolan. He devoured it. We had to make him stop reading. (I keep calling it The 39 Steps. Not the same thing.)
  • Nicola Tesla was awesome. Sir Isaac Newton was pretty cool, too.

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