Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ode to craig and his list


I’m baaack. My blog is probably on a milk carton somewhere. This is what happens when homeschooling and working collide. Many thanks for the blog design and retro dress advice. I plan to make/do both.

Anyway… I don’t think I have ever expressed my deep and abiding love for Craigslist. I know there are some untoward goods and services offered there, but if you stick to the for sale page, you are pretty safe. You know, except you buy stuff.

We have numerous Craiglist purchases floating around here. My favorites are the auction lot containing Mrs. M’s fabric stash and a boatload of vintage patterns (many of which have ended up in my Etsy shop) and the vintage and new Fiesta dishes. We bought our first Fiesta last spring, in an attempt to find something sturdy, lead-free and made in the USA. And not ugly. Craigslist brought us a box of 1930’s dishes, complete with uranium glaze. Very cool.

Last week I hit the jackpot: dinner plates, bowls, serving pieces and more on my beloved Craigslist for a song, relatively speaking.

Head on over there and find what you need. You will save money and keep stuff out of landfills. You might spend some money, too, but you know, you’re really saving money, so…


Overheard from the family room: “Running with a rocket launcher is not a good idea.” True. (They were saving the planet from aliens via XBox.)

And if you pray (and if you don’t, why not? :) ), Carolina Mama had the most wonderful idea. She has started Pray It Forward Fridays. We are all willing to send each other recipes and answer questions and such, we should be willing to pray for each other as well.

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