Friday, April 3, 2009

so random, i had to number it


(There’s my boy – dancing with a real live girl – at his homeschool co-op’s Spring Gala last night. Spanish classes performed the merengue.)

1. Really? I’m blogging about a frozen dinner? I don’t even eat frozen dinners, typically, much less write about them, but Kashi’s Mayan Harvest Bake has me planning to deconstruct the recipe so I can make it in large, fresh, affordable quantities. I had it for lunch (at my desk, sheesh) yesterday and it was super. Kashi doesn’t pay me to say that, though they should, because dang – sweet potatoes, plantains, black beans, pumpkin seeds – it was good.

2. On a completely different note, I have a post at Heart of the Matter today. I would be pleased if you would click over and give it a read.

3. “Lost” needs to ramp it up. Hurley is starting to speak for me and I am afraid. On a related TV note, I got behind a black Dodge Ram truck at a stop light earlier this week. I thought, “Hey, that’s Sarah Connor’s truck.” Apparently, I am a sucker for product placement.

4. We are on the “less than two months” countdown to the anniversary trip. No kids, gorgeous luxury hotel, vineyard on site, no kids, plush robes, beautiful mountain setting – and I will be sharing it with my favorite person.

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Leslie said...

Enjoyed your article. I used to sing and rock my son oh so many years ago. For whatever reason, everytime I would begin rocking him, "Rock of Ages" would be the song I sang.