Wednesday, April 8, 2009

wee little e-books


We are in serious danger of death by book avalanche. Yet  somehow we still end up at the library once a week. Ack.

I was turned on to e-books when we first started homeschooling and my newfound love of the paperless story is growing. This week I had the chance to look at several WeE-books from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. They are, as the name implies, short e-books available for download. “Short” means I actually have time to read them (ha!) and it also means the price is great – all are $1.95 each. No trees were harmed in the process and – my favorite part – I get the instant gratification that comes from seeing the book I want and having it magically appear just a few clicks later. (Take that, UPS guy.)

The series provides a wealth of support for homeschooling moms, though many of the books are beneficial outside the homeschool realm. (Italian Renaissance, anyone?) I read “Writing Essays,” “A Classical Education,” and “Simplifying Classical Education.” All were concise and clear, but still meaty enough to be worthwhile. And I didn’t need a sabbatical to read them, which is a plus these days.

You know, if I could get that “old book” smell in a spray bottle and learn to categorize my computer files by the Dewey Decimal System, I’d be all set.


mom said...

I just have not gotten into the eBook thing yet. Perhaps I'm too stodgy and old fashioned? Or perhaps it is the guilt that sets in whenever I feel like I'm on my computer too long already? I dunno... But there's so many people that love 'em and I think that's awesome! We need to use the things that work well for us :-)

Tammy ~@~

HomesteadQuilter said...

I have a hard time just sitting at the computer to read as I'm here so much, but these look great...I'll be reading some for sure, I just wish I'd found something like this when my kids were still home and we were homeschooling. Thanks for the heads up, have a wonderful day, Chris!

Susan in SC said...

I think I would miss holding the book, underlining passages, carrying the book around with me to different places. I haven't given the ebooks an honest try. Maybe I need to do that before I pass judgement. I certainly read lots of research on the computer - its' nice to turn that off every now and then. :-)