Friday, April 23, 2010

it’s pretty easy to be green, actually

Under the category of “where did those follow up posts go?” I now present more of the belated Disney info from, um, February.

I think even the Disney folks were stunned at the response to the Give a Day, Get a Disney Day volunteer promotion. The goal was to give 1 million volunteers a free day at a Disney park in return for their community efforts. This was to be a 2010 promotion. All tickets were spoken for by March. Hope you got yours – if not, you can still volunteer (but not for a park ticket, just for the joy of giving back – you heard me). The big kick-off included some neat people like the Jamitors, Ty Pennington, Mickey Mouse (yes, he’s real), the world’s largest canned food structure (not a person, but cool) and MOST importantly, Kermit and Sweetums. (More from Kermit tomorrow, I promise.)

For you Disney geeks out there, this was the actual Kermit. Steve Whitmire, who took over after the death of Jim Henson, was present and helping Kermit fulfill his duties. No word on Sweetums.






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