Tuesday, April 6, 2010

no time to say hello, good-bye, i’m late, i’m late, i’m late

I’m late in posting links to online stories for April. In my defense, there was that celebration of the resurrection of the Savior and all. Hope yours was wonderful.

Oh, and summer came – not spring. We skipped that. It’s not snowing, so who cares?

Here you go, for your reading pleasure:

I think there are more, but I will need to seek out links. I know you wait with bated breath. ;)

Coming in May, my interview with Danica McKellar (aka, Winnie Cooper). Smart girl, that Winnie.

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Julie said...

Thanks for the links, they did make for some good reading. I can relate to the mammogram article. I don't have any "risk factors" either, but do have "fibrous" breasts and they bring me back every time to do more films and even ultrasounds (not as much fun as baby ultrasounds at all!) At least they are thourough and concerned I guess. Here's to being in our 40's and loving it!