Wednesday, June 16, 2010

site ch-ch-ch changes are coming, really

I swear, the switch to the new site really is coming. Almost there.

It’s a crazy week, so here’s a hail of bullets for you:

  • I think I will kick off the new site with a couple of giveaways for bibliophiles. Maybe that will have the added benefit of saving me from the sure demise of books collapsing on top of me.
  • I can’t choose the right blue for the master bedroom walls. There is some talk about me being blue-green colorblind (it’s a lie), so we will see how this turns out.
  • Like several of my blog friends, I was contacted by CSN stores about reviewing one of their products. That will be coming soon. They sell, well, pretty much everything as near as I can tell, including recessed lighting, floor steamers (I covet), kitchen knives, Lego sets, bamboo flooring, tons of organic cotton stuff… I wonder if they have anything that caps gushing oil wells?
  • Oh, yes, I almost forgot (read: blocked from memory), we had house guests. Bats. In my attic. If only I had a belfry.
  • My eldest is competing in the National Forensic League tournament in Kansas City this week. She didn’t make it to finals, but you can still watch some very talented kids live (I think) online starting tomorrow afternoon.

I hope your summer is off to a glorious start!


Heather said...

That looks like a lot of good changes coming Chris. Hope you are enjoying a wonderful last few days of Spring

Susan in SC said...

You have your hands full with all the things happening. Take care of yourself during this busy time!