Monday, November 29, 2010

cleaning (or please save me from the books)

Math U See Manipulatives (includes plastic case)

I have a 158 piece set of MUS manipulatives for sale. I did buy these used and we have used them, but they are made of sturdy plastic and should continue in good shape through many more students. Because this is more than one set, I am going to list them individually below.  $30, plus shipping and delivery confirmation

(Type: quantity included)
One (Green Units): 24
Two: 4
Three: 4
Five: 4
Six: 4
Seven: 4
Eight: 4
Ten: 20
Hundred: 4
Algebra/Decimal Inserts
Red blocks: 20
Red inserts: 8
Green inserts: 2
Blue inserts: 24
Grey inserts: 24


BJU Algebra 1 for Christian Schools, Second Edition -- I have the Student book (hardback) and the Teacher's Edition, Book 1 (this is wire, spiral bound with a hard back cover). Both of these are in very good condition. I do not have book 2 of the teacher's edition, but you should be able to find that used. We have chosen to go with "chalkdust" (sort of) after finding that we need DVDs.
Here is a link to the student book:
And the two-volume teacher set:
I am asking $12 for this set, plus media mail shipping and delivery confirmation. Books are in great condition, but I am discounting because you will still need to buy book 2 of the TE.


Earth Science for Every Kid (VanCleave)
The Young Naturalist (Usborne)
$8 for both, plus media mail shipping and delivery confirmation. The VanCleave book has been used repeatedly and shows it, but it is still in very usable condition. The only writing is a name inside the front cover. The Usborne book is in very good condition.


History Odyssey, Ancients, Level Two study guide -- like new condition. This comes three-hole punched with color covers for inserting in a binder. (I did not put this in a binder, so one is not included.)
Price is $15 plus media mail shipping and delivery confirmation.


Mary, Bloody Mary
The Phantom Tollbooth (has a tear on the edge of the cover, book is fine)
Catherine, Called Birdy
Shadow of a Bull
The Door in the Wall (Readable but written in)
$9 for all, plus media mail shipping and delivery confirmation.


The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling, new edition $12


Prentice Hall Science Explorer $8 for all
Animals (2005)
Earth's Waters (2005)

Sonlight Language Arts 6 with student activity sheets (2007 --old style): $8


Hank the Cowdog: The Case of the One-Eyed Killer Stud Horse $2.50

Christian fiction:
Andrea Carter and the Trouble with Treasure
The Quest for Thunder Mountain (Tales from Terrestria)
The Isle of Dragons (Tales from Terrestria)
$9 for all, plus media mail shipping and delivery confirmation, paid via paypal. These are in excellent condition.

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