Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Knitting the spirit

Ukraine.01.07 071

This photo was taken last January by these wonderful people when they visited Ukraine to deliver gifts and supplies to families and orphans in need. It was cold, the luggage was lost, plans were thwarted left and right. As they neared Chernobyl, clocks (equivalent to those you might see on a bank sign here) displayed not only time and temperature, but radiation levels as well.

But their purpose for visiting was higher than anything that could be impacted by trivialities (and yes, they considered their risk from the radiation trivial by comparison). Many of the orphans are perpetually sick and have little hope of finding families. The situation is desperate beyond anything we can imagine here. The visitors bring warm, hand-knit sweaters and scarves, food, toys, love and the promise of eternal hope. The warmth surrounding them belies the weather.

Items, including sweaters and scarves, are needed for the next trip.

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