Monday, October 8, 2007

"Ooh, that's a great price for twelve pounds of nutmeg." (Marge Simpson)


It's been work, school, work, school, work, school around here, just non-stop. Domesticity not being a state that occurs on its own, the house has been a disaster, the cupboard all but bare and yes, clothes have been worn straight from the hamper in a few cases.

But with a work slow-down and school rolling along, it's time to get things in order, starting with the freezer. Food, glorious food now fills the shelves. Beef stir-fry, ranch pork chops, maple pork chops, stuffed shells, chicken tacos...the list goes on and on. Pictured above is Rachel Ray's Vegetable Stew. I love knowing that dinner will be ready to go -- for the rest of the month, by the time I am finished cooking.

Even with food in the freezer, don't forget about Dine Out for Mom Oct. 18.

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