Friday, November 9, 2007

Spoiler Alert

If you are a member of my immediate family and you are expecting a baby, look away now. Look away -- You have been warned.

Chenille is a deceptive entity, I tell you. It is soft and fluffy but has a sinister underbelly. It cuts out beautifully and then ever so subtly bunches along as I sew it, until I am left with a puckered mess that can't quite pass for gathers. Argh. Yes, I clipped the curves, but clearly I am doing something wrong. And I just know it is one of those things they teach in Sewing 101. If only I had taken Sewing 101...

On the bright side, I have an ever-growing stack of bibs that I can't present as gifts but I can use when we baby-sit. I plan to baby-sit a lot.


The pink gingham hasn't been top-stitched yet. Maybe that will help. The pseudo-log cabin bib (there are two others like it) isn't awful, yet not quite right.

I will keep trying. Darn that chenille.

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