Monday, March 24, 2008

It's spring break and mom's gone wild

Not like that, of course, but holy cow -- how much easier is it to conduct a phone interview and write a story when school is out? Way easier, let me tell you. I expect a little crafting might get done this week, too, if I get really crazy. And blog posts galore. And cleaning. And laundry. And prime rib will be cooked for the carnivores in the family. I can't wait to see what I will accomplish this summer. I should have enough time to write a novel and complete that NASA training I've put off for so many years.

But on the homeschool front, I was emailed a link to this column in the Washington Post by Gregory Millman. It very eloquently states so many of my feelings and first year experiences as a homeschooling mom, including this dandy of a quote: "Studies have shown that home-schooled children outperform the conventionally schooled not only on standardized academic tests but also on tests of social skills. This, I believe, isn't because home-schoolers do things better than schools do them but because we do better things than schools do."

Well, duh, as my teenager would say.

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