Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why I write



Because I get to tell the stories of wonderful people like Don Lewis, who exudes art and creativity and passion for nature. I would love it if you read about him in the latest edition of Sandlapper. The story is online through a partnership with South Carolina ETV. Here is a direct link to the pdf version. The fireflies will be awakening on his property in a few weeks. I'll be there.

(The photos were taken during my visit with Don several months ago.)


And one other story in the latest Sandlapper -- This, too, was a joy to write and resulted in one of my favorite photos (above). The sculpture is called "Exuberance," and has nothing to do with what I wrote, except that it is in the park next door to the vibrant new Chapman Cultural Center, covered in the story. I love sculpture gardens. I could get lost in them on a number of levels. Museums and galleries are incredible, but there is something surreal and freeing about bringing art outside and mingling it with the original art of trees and plants and birds.

Clearly, I need more coffee this morning.

Here is a direct link to the pdf of the Chapman Cultural Center story. Enjoy.

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Leslie said...

Enjoyed the articles. Thanks for sharing. I love the upstate of SC. So much to offer.