Thursday, September 25, 2008

the down side to having a camera phone

... those photos get caught in the nether regions of the space-time continuum. I finally downloaded these after many weeks.

How long has it been? Well, I took this photo because the gas price was so high, I was sure the person who changed the numbers was on crack. Truly, there was no other logical explanation.


Those were the good old days of $3.25 gas.

I took this one...


... at the bookstore. It was a promotion for the X-Files movie (coming soon).

Here's my daughter -- holding the business end of a python. What? Doesn't everybody have a picture like this?


Unfortunately, there is no picture of the generously proportioned snake that slithered all over my arms as I showed him off to a bunch of wide-eyed kids. It happened. I have witnesses. And it was very, very cool.


Here is my youngest experiencing "the best five minutes of (his) life" as we stopped off at the Darlington Raceway on a road trip a couple of months ago. There was no race (obviously, since we stopped) and he didn't even care.

Here he is, documenting that asphalt oval he considers heaven on earth:


And finally, how many Cub Scouts does it take to change a tire?



The Craftsman badge turned into a testosterone fest.

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