Wednesday, September 3, 2008

stomach bugs, spanish and thrift stores -- oh my

My son had a two-day stomach bug that left me exhausted for four days. (I just don't spring back like I used to.) He's fine. I'm feel like I am still getting caught up.

But on to better things... Our homeschool co-op started today. Big doings, I tell you. One of the many criticisms I hear of homeschooling is the lack of exposure to the arts. Well, tell that one to somebody else, will you? Our co-op has art (taught by a real artist, as opposed to moi -- I'm a crafter), music (history, theory, recorder and -- new this year-- guitar) and Spanish (taught by nuestros senora favorita, or something like that). Extended classes start in a few weeks with state history, international studies and a three-week crash course on the presidential election process (that one is taught by moi -- I'm a crafter and a lawyer).

I began the thrift store hunt for Halloween costumes this week. My daughter asked very specifically for a flapper-style fringe dress, which I couldn't possibly sew. I walked into Goodwill this morning and decided to look for something that might work. I couldn't believe that I found an actual flapper dress, complete with headband.

Earlier in the week, I found a ton of 100 percent linen for $2.50. Some of the linen will be used for Obe Wan's vest/wrap thingy. The rest is mine. I am on a quest for a brown wool blanket that can be felted and made into a cape for our Padawan learner. Lest you think I am going overboard with a linen and wool Obe Wan costume, I am not going to buy and learn to use a metal lathe so I can fashion an authentic looking lightsaber as suggested on one Star Wars costume site I found. I have to draw the line somewhere.

Pictures soon...

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Jennifer said...

What co-op are you in Chris? I have wanted something for enrichment rather than academics for years!

Glad N is feeling better.