Thursday, September 25, 2008

i did taw a habitat


(Title courtesy of my brilliant and funny husband)

Nolan and I began work on our backyard habitat project today. He is conducting an inventory of the food, water, cover and places to raise young (per the National Wildlife Federation) and will soon begin devising an experiment that will involve birds. (No birds will be harmed in the making of this education.) He has to come up with a question to answer that can be studied and evaluated with controls, etc.

In addition to today's inventory, Nolan made some pinecone feeders and we added suet and fruit feeders to the yard. He had great fun building a toad shelter out of flagstone scraps.


I am enjoying the new flagstone patio built by handsome, creative husband (who is also brilliant and funny). That will be my habitat until the winter chill runs me indoors.


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