Monday, December 22, 2008

don't read this if your child is getting a gift from me

I'm not kidding.

Laura, this means you.

Look away now.



OK, she's gone, so I can show you what I made and was tempted to keep for myself, if only I didn't love those nieces of mine so much.

Let me preface this by saying that I never get anything right the first time when I sew. My seam ripper is my friend. However, felt food must be idiot-proof because it mostly looks like what it is supposed to look like.


Eggs, ravioli and orange slices -- not intended to represent a balanced meal...

This stuff is so much fun to make. I am trying to find a reason why I need to make myself a batch of fake food. There must be a legitimate argument to be made.


Carrots, drawn out right on the felt with free-hand cut leaves... Oops, I see I missed a thread.


I got cocky here at the end and decided to make a burger with lettuce, tomato and pickles. Unfortunately, I didn't have any bun-colored felt so it is all served open-faced.

What I learned: Wool felt is about a million times better to work with than acrylic felt, but only the burger is wool. Had I known this in advance, I would have ordered the wool online because if you live in the Upstate of South Carolina, you can only get hamburger-colored wool. I would also like to try this with reclaimed wool and I think a felted blanket would be just about perfect. Ooh, what if I hand-dyed it to colors other than hamburger...

Now, I'm really getting cocky.


The sun is a little distracting on this picture, but this is a doll-sized quilt with matching pillow. It is meant to be Bitty Baby sized, but since we don't own a Bitty Baby at our house, I had to guess. It is linen and a cotton Mary Engelbreit fabric which I could almost eat. Love those colors.

That snazzy little embroidered mushroom is from Pimp Stitch. Bitty Baby needed a mushroom, I think.

This is the first embroidery I have done in probably 25 years and I think I have unleashed a monster. Pimp Stitch is about as awesome as it sounds, too.


Jennifer said...

Oh my! Lydia will love that! (And Betsie too when she plays there...hope that's okay! LOL!) Adoreable gift. And I promise to keep it a secret.

Susan in SC said...

what lucky little girls to get such sweet gifts! Wool felt - hmmm, I will have to order some online to play with!

Leslie said...

Love fake food. When I was little, I loved going to Sears and looking at the fake food in the refrigerators on the sales floor.
Wool felt not in upstate SC? I thought that was a problem just in Greenwood.

Angela said...

I love making felt daughter recently said her kitchen set had too was 'overflowing' as she put it. :)