Friday, December 12, 2008

thoughts from the crazy house


(That house isn't crazy -- Nolan made it in kindergarten and I preserved it with about 10 coats of spray acrylic. On second thought, maybe that is crazy.)

We were smacked down by some intestinal flu from Mars (it could not be of this planet) and are finally starting to recover. Flush with fever, sick and sleepless, some unusual things occurred to me this week, including the odd notion at about 4 a.m. Tuesday that I would pay someone a thousand dollars to put some ice chips in mouth. Of course, I didn't have a thousand dollars and everyone within shouting distance was as sick as I was. (The ice chips were only about two feet away, but really, that was far.)

And my Bible readings from this week are from Job, so there you go.

I digress... (It is Friday and I am having my first cup of coffee since Monday, so a little digression is in order.)

This weekend, I will catch up on work, finish (start!--ha!) two gifts, make a batch of homemade candy, take my daughter to a craft show, have a date with my husband and maybe, just maybe, get the kids to make an updated gingerbread house so I can break out the acrylic spray.

What's on your Christmas to-do list this weekend?

P.S. Did I post this already? Can't remember... Read about a South Carolina mom who started her own business. Her salads are now a fixture in Piggly Wiggly stores. (If that name rolls off your tongue without so much as a smirk, you know you are from the South.) She makes 200 pounds of pimento cheese by herself every week, God bless her.


Leslie said...

So sorry to hear about the intestinal visitor in your home this week. Knock on wood, it hasn't found my house so far this year. Enjoyed the pimento cheese story. Wonder if her salads are in the Pig in the upstate?

Susan in SC said...

Hope everyone is soon feeling better! Love the gingerbread house!!