Monday, December 1, 2008

news from the classroom

We have a full week of school at home! Co-op is over for the semester and the holidays and field trips are on temporary hiatus. Since it is cold outside, I would say this is perfect timing.

This week, we wrap up a rather protracted (math pun -- sorry) unit on fractions and mixed numbers, including multiplication and division. (Standards, schmandards.)

In science, we continue with roller coaster/NASCAR science by focusing on forms of energy, as well as the law of conservation of energy. (Again with the standards flying out the window...)

Language arts continues to be smooth sailing with Time4Learning. We have been using this on a trial basis in exchange for providing (honest) reviews and I couldn't be more pleased. Writing has been a constant struggle for Nolan and this system has worked well for him. ELA extensions (basically, writing lessons) are broken down in chunks that he can handle and because it is online, it has instant appeal for him. I did fear that it might be watered down, just because it has visual appeal for kids. This has not been that case at all.

Also on the language arts front, Nolan will be reading "Dear Dr. Bell...Your friend, Helen Keller" this week. It will be a nice tie-in to...

History... where we will be focusing on American inventors that shaped the Industrial Revolution.

Nolan is also working on a lapbook on the history of sports. We try to have an interest project going on at all times. Next up, we will focus on St. Nicholas and traditional Christmas carols.

Since Spanish is over until next semester, I am going to get us both started on some online Spanish. I am considering the BBC course, but we will play that by ear. For next year (assuming there is a next year -- homeschool-wise), we are definitely doing Spanish as a full-time course, using Destinos videos and books. We may start this year, just because I previewed the first lesson and I need to know what happens to Fernando.


Susan in SC said...

Hi Chris! Thanks for visiting my blog. I love to find new blogs and have enjoyed reading your and all your crafty items. I live in the upstate. I take that you are in the lowcountry? It's nice to meet another SC person!!

Susan in SC said...

Simpsonville! That not too far. I'm in Seneca - about 17 miles from Clemson University. We attend church in Greenville at St. Mary's. Hello neighbor!