Tuesday, May 12, 2009

back in time


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Another wonderful field trip – This time to the Mauldin Cultural Center and the Gosnell cabin. This cabin (in some form) was originally on property now owned by our local Boy Scouts council. (The property is the site of Camp Old Indian, the subject of lots of previous posts here.) When the cabin was donated to the city, the good folks who moved it did not number the logs, so we don’t know if the reassembly was accurate. We can safely assume it was frustrating. :) In any event, there were quilts and a butter churn. Need I say more?





The Gosnells are pictured below. Sorry for the cruddy photo. It was way over my head (literally), so I couldn’t do anything about the weird light.

I bet the Gosnells were not nearly as angry as they appear.


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