Friday, May 8, 2009

there are primary sources…

and then there are primary sources.

It was such a treat last week to visit the local American Legion War Museum with a group of homeschoolers. The displays were great, but they couldn’t compare to the stories and enthusiasm from the veterans who came just to speak with our children. God bless them.


That’s Mr. Bryant – above, and below as he appeared during his service in World War II. He was an absolute delight and though he is well past 80, he showed no sign of slowing down. In fact, I am pretty sure he could take me in a foot race. I could have talked with him for hours.

65 years later, World War II veterans still cry when they talk about the horrors they experienced. We have no idea. No. Idea.




The boy enjoyed it almost as much as I did.


Love this sign:



mom said...

What a heartfelt blessing to have them share with you, Chris. The grandpas in our family don't say a lot about the wars they were in as it remains a painful part of their life.

Tammy ~@~

Susan in SC said...

Love the sign! Wonder if it would work in my house - "No one sit here except Mama, yes, that means you!"