Friday, May 15, 2009

homeschool: the sixth grade version

(This is a note to self. Apologies to those who don’t homeschool. You will be bored to tears. I’ll try to make up for it later. Here – I’ll post some sleepy dog photos to ease the pain.)



Fifth grade wraps up soon and while we still have ITBS testing next week and the glorious end-of-the-year paperwork extravaganza to look forward to, sixth grade is on its way.

Here’s what we have on the agenda:

History (Social Studies): Sonlight Core 6 with hands-on enrichment

Literature: Sonlight Core 6 (I bought stronger reading glasses. No joke.)

Writing/Composition: Sonlight Language Arts 6 (but I am looking at IEW Student Writing Intensive B – It’s pricey, so I’m looking for it used. And maybe it’s boring, I don’t know. Thoughts?)

Grammar: Grammar Ace (mainly as reinforcement and review)

Math: Math-U-See Pre-Algebra

Science: Prentice Hall Science Explorer: Weather and Climate, Animals and From Bacteria to Plants; TOPS Science Electricity.

Spanish: Taken at co-op. We will also use Rosetta Stone for our regular classes at home. I have the workbook and textbook for Destinos, which we will eventually do. The boy is freaked out by total immersion, so we’re going gently into that goodnight with Rosetta Stone.

Art and Music: Taken at co-op – guitar at home, as well as Drawing: The Complete Course.


Susan in SC said...

My goodness! That quite a curriculum. Vaya con Dios!


Chris Worthy said...

Yep. I am going to need Dios, for sure. :) Thanks, Susan. I value your opinion on this.