Thursday, September 10, 2009

college prep genius

No, not me. I am not a college prep genius. In fact, the SAT is virtually unrecognizable from the one I took (many) years ago. Did you know there is a writing section now? I was robbed, I tell you. I could have used that to balance out the math portion. The math portion was my nemesis.

In any event, the girl is a high school junior this year and SAT prep is (or should be) on her brain. We were sent a copy of College Prep Genius’ Master the SAT Class for her to try out as she prepares for this giant everything-in-your-future-depends-on-it test. (OK, I am exaggerating.) We will have a review forthcoming, but for now, it’s a DVD/workbook/textbook set with a host of tips for maneuvering the questions. I have spent a lot of time looking at it and giving thanks that I never have to take that test again. (Or the LSAT – thank you, God, for sparing me the LSAT again.) The program also has an extensive scholarship resource section, which is most welcome. Most welcome. Acronyms are used throughout to help students learn tricks to answering questions in a way that will raise their SAT scores. Given her learning style, I think the acronyms of testing strategies (there are so many…) will be a good fit for her.

I’ll let you know…

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