Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Oh, the boy was excited about this one. StudyPod sent each member of the TOS Crew a sample of their book holder for review. It was an instant hit – so much so that I may need to get a second one for the girl (maybe this will help with her chronic back pain?). Aside from the fact that StudyPod looks like a book, has a cool pocket inside for extras (pens, cell phone, etc.), it is a freak of nature in its ability to hold very thick books (Harry Potter is supposed to fit – I haven’t tested that out, but I don’t doubt it). This is not strictly a homeschool item by any means, though it is great for kids who do their work on the floor, on the couch, in the car, etc. (You know who you are.) In fact, the student version is differentiated from the grown-up version (BookPod) only by color. (StudyPod is available in black, blue or pink. BookPod is available in more subtle black, gray or beige.)

Since this really is something you need to see to understand, click over for a video from StudyPod, or just watch the boy:







StudyPods are $19.95 each, or $16.95 each for two or more.

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