Tuesday, October 13, 2009

and now i want wool roving

I have a stack of felted wool sweaters that I plan to make into a blanket (and maybe socks, but that’s a long story), so I was very excited to see “Rainbow Sheep” in my inbox. Yes, it’s a children’s book and a really sweet one at that, but following the story are several pages of felting instructions from author and fiber artist Kim Chatel. Very cool.

rainbowsheepcvr-2X100.jpg image by homeschoolcrew

Guardian Angel Publishing sent several e-books to TOS Crew members for review. Two books I received are for wee littles: “Rainbow Sheep’ and “Maybe We Are Flamingos.” While they are gorgeous (“Rainbow Sheep” is illustrated with fiber art from Chatel) and well done, I am a bit old fashioned about children’s books. I still like to hold them in my hands and save the pdfs for the older kids. (Guardian Angel books are available in paperback – I just received pdfs to review.) However, several Guardian Angel books, including “Maybe We Are Flamingos” are available as iPhone (or iPod) apps. Sounds like a lifesaver for those “waiting” moments at the doctor or the auto repair shop when you need something to distract little ones. (E-books are also significantly less expensive than printed versions and that may make a difference in your choice of format.)

We also received several books for older kids, including “Andy and Spirit Go to the Fair,” “Earthquake,” and “No Bones About It.” The books seem to be representative of the broad range offered by Guardian Angel. All books are for ages 12 and younger and span a wide variety of topics. Illustrations, especially, seem to be of the highest quality. And there are freebies! The free downloads are a good way to explore the site and find some useful titles for your homeschool. Enjoy!

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