Tuesday, October 27, 2009

bible timeline

bibletimelinesmall.jpg picture by homeschoolcrew

Timelines are straight lines, right? I have to admit, I am still figuring out the complexities of the Amazing Bible Timeline that TOS Crew members were asked to review. I find something new every time I look at and I suspect that won’t change in the near future. This is truly unlike any timeline I have ever seen and it takes a great deal of time just to begin to take it in. That is not a criticism, just an observation about how incredibly detailed it is.

This timeline has a unique layout that makes sense once you figure it out. (You must look at it online to understand what I am talking about. Trust me.) The coolest thing about the layout is that it correlates the Bible to what was happening elsewhere in the world, providing a grounding and historical placement for stories that can seem abstract in the study of history. The marketers of the timeline say it “gives a whole world view of God’s plan.” I can see that. :)

More information: The original chart was complied in 1931 and was updated in 1971 and 2000. This company sells both the version I received and an LDS version and it appears there may be some overlap. I am not going to dissect that issue here, but if it is an issue for you, you may want to read the authors’ take on the subject. As with everything else in our homeschool, I use what fits and I disregard what doesn’t. The timeline sells for $29.97 and on a practical note, this thing is huge, about 3’ x 4’. We have ours on the wall, but you should consider the size when purchasing. (But I imagine it’s hard to put the history of the world in a condensed format, so there you go.) The timeline includes some additional items available via download, including interactive maps of the Holy Land, a digital timeline and the genealogy of Jesus (very cool).

The best way to know if this works for your family is to go take a look. I think it’s an interesting addition to our world history study.


the Provident Woman said...

Wow that looks like a complex timeline. I don't know if I could ever figure it out.

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mom said...


There are no other words for such a timeline as this one!

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