Wednesday, October 21, 2009

sarah’s wish

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If there’s a nicer person out there than Jim Baumgardner, please let me know. My son is reading Jim B.’s first book, Sarah’s Wish, and listening to the MP3 of the audio book as well. The book was written for Jim’s grandchildren, but has turned into an ongoing passion as well as a ministry. Jim looks like a Wild West movie grandpa. He is – but without the movie (so far). A fan of “High Noon” and Zane Grey novels, he lives near the old Chisholm Trail in Wichita, Kansas, and volunteers at the Old Cowtown Museum, playing the part of the town’s barber. Very cool.

But his book goes back a few generations – quite a few – to the days of his Great, Great Grandfather, a time when young people faced the trials of their time (a peck of troubles), including dangers unheard of today and challenges far beyond their years. Saving lives by moving “packages” along the Underground Railroad? Uh, huh.

The dialect in the book may be difficult for some young readers and I do believe it should be discussed with children in the context of the abhorrence of slavery, but Jim B. interweaves history lessons that should not be forgotten with a subtext of God’s hand in the lives of every child.

I get a good report from the boy on this one and he isn’t easy to please. This is the first in a series. So far, Jim has published three “Sarah” books, with a fourth coming soon. I believe we will be back for a second helping.


Sarah’s Wish includes a free download of the audio book.

If you homeschool, Mr. Baumgardner has a special site just for you. Also, he sent us a copy of Sarah’s Wish as part of the TOS Crew. If you want to order books at a discounted rate, just email him at and ask. He will send you a special order form for TOS Crew readers. Enjoy!


Heather said...

Wow, thanks for sharing this

Susan in SC said...

Sounds like wonderful books. I need to see if I can locate them in our local library.