Monday, February 22, 2010

the plan, or what I still need to buy for seventh grade

Have mercy. Is it the end of February already? Here’s a look at our plan for next year. We keep going for a couple of days per week during the summer, so this really picks up as soon as we finish our sixth grade materials.

Suggestions are welcome. ;)

Math: Math U See Algebra 1*

Science: Prentice Hall Science Explorer (Chemical Building Blocks, From Bacteria to Plants, Weather, more if needed). We are also going to do Hakim’s The Story of Science series, beginning with Aristotle Leads the Way. This is a history of science and scientific thought which I think will be cool.


  • IEW’s Fix It Grammar (I just got this and I think it’s going to be great.)
  • IEW’s Windows to the World (literary analysis)*
  • Write with the Best Vol. 2. (This is a half-year at most, so I will need something after. I am considering a higher level IEW course, but I am not sure yet.)
  • A slew of historical fiction will once again be on the agenda. The novels will track with history studies.

History: Continue with MOH 3, and then on to The Story of US (Hakim) (This requires complete lesson planning on my part, but I really think the boy is going to like this series.)

Spanish: Continue with co-op classes and Rosetta Stone, if the library continues to let us use it online. If we lose our RS license (a likely occurrence), we will move on to the new online resource offered by our local library.

Art/Music: Both are taught in co-op classes. We are also beginning Artistic Pursuits’ middle school program at home and the boy will start guitar lessons soon. We also do a composer study that tracks (via date) with history.

PE: We hope to continue the YMCA’s homeschool PE class and we do health here at home.

Computer Apps: Nolan is in the midst of a semester of keyboarding and I am planning to create a semester course in computer apps. This will free him up to move right in to computer science in high school.

*Still need to buy


Bethany from Confessions of an Organized Homeschool Mom said...

Looks good! My youngest will be going into 7th grade next year, and my oldest will be entering 11th - yikes!! My oldest did VP Omnibus for 7th-9th, but I'm planning on holding off on that 'til 9th with the youngest. So, we'll be doing Sonlight's Core 5 (left over from reviewing last year), which is the Eastern Hemisphere - a weak point of VP (although I love it in general). Not sure what the 10th grader will do yet, perhaps an econ class. I'm praying for high enough scores for her to do math & science at the local community college. Oh, we are using Math-U-See as well.

Heather said...

Wow, this looks amazing. I am starting to get my head wrapped around what we will need for first grade for next year, and sometimes this process can seem over whelming.

Happy Monday Chris!!

S Giffone said...

What is higher level IEW?

I am looking for a Creative Writing curriculum to use with a class of 10-12 graders and found Write With the Best Vol 2. Not ideal. But what is? Would your "IEW" fit the bill for me?

S Giffone said...

What is IEW? I am looking for a creative writing curriculum to use with a class of 10-12th graders. I am looking at Write With the Best, but if you can recommend something meatier, I'd appreciate it.

Chris Worthy said...

IEW is Institute for Excellence in Writing, We decided to go with IEW's US History Based Writing Lessons. You should check on their web site. They have many different levels. We are also going to use their Fix It Grammar and Windows to the World Literary Analysis.