Tuesday, October 19, 2010

for you they signed

For You They Signed

This week, we are knee deep in the Declaration of Independence. Oh my, what a great place to be. As enrichment to our study, we are reading about some of the signers (particularly those from our state) in “For You They Signed” by Marilyn Boyer. The book includes short biographies of each signer, some of whom I guarantee you have never heard of before. I love the concept of this book. It is decidedly Christian, so know that in advance, and in fact, Boyer suggests that families can use it as a devotional. Whether for personal reading or as a history supplement, the book is a treasure trove of information. I consider this a starting point to the discussion of these men, however. The biographies don’t claim to be in-depth – that’s not the purpose of this book. Since we are using this in our history class, I never want to gloss over the warts of these very human individuals, though their place in history is undeniably important. This was a time when the compatibility of Christianity and slave ownership wasn’t questioned – at least not publicly – and I think it is important to present a balanced view of these men. They were, after all, merely human.

Overall, I think this is a wonderful family resource. It is appropriate for elementary and older and can be a wonderful addition to your homeschool history studies. 

 New Leaf Publishing provided me with a review copy of this book. My opinions are my own.

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mom said...

Chris, this sounds like my kind of book. In fact, it sounds like one I should have had when all my boys were still home! I've jotted the title down on my book list :-)

Thanks for the movie review, too. Sounds like it could be a good one for this old geezer and her husband to watch ;-)

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