Monday, January 7, 2008

40 things before 40, from mundane to ethereal (a list in progress)

1. Read The Message. Use Anne Graham Lotz' study method.

2. Make a quilt for our bed using vintage fabrics.

3. Finish redecorating sunroom.

4. Make memo board for laundry room.

5. Paint laundry room.

6. Make one gift per month for Handmade Holidays 2008. (Maybe that's 12 things...)

7. Stop. Every. Day.

8. Practice hosting until I like it -- or at least until I am comfortable with it. This starts with the Jacob Bible study beginning next week.

9. Record each day in words and/or pictures.

10. This summer, develop a full outline for home school 2008-09.

11. Say "no" more often.

12. Be a help-mate.

13. Feed and host other families' teenagers while mine still lives here.

14. Freak out less. (Losing my noodle is my new hobby, apparently -- like when the van started squealing and I dropped my son off for a field trip with perfectly nice people I don't know. At the same time.)

15. Place these vintage buttons and patterns for adoption.

16. Write one letter per month to a friend I need to contact.

17. (a.) Look at the stars with my husband. (b.) Don't complain about the cold.

18. Hike with my family.

19. Keep the kitchen stocked with homemade chocolate syrup and muffins.

1 comment:

Kimmie said...

Hi Chris;

I like your list and I like your heart!

thanks for sharing...may God bless your desires and may you see growth as you walk out these 40.

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted