Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A recap...

The problem with taking my camera everywhere is that I never have it handy at the computer. And sometimes my battery dies or I forget to insert a memory card. Minor details... In any event, the week has been filled so far with a big work project, a class at the zoo, the first day of homeschool co-op and the impending blizzard (a projected 2 - 4 inches). The kids are doing the snow dance, ignoring the fact that if school is out tomorrow it will be made up when the weather is nice and warm.

Monday, Jan. 14:

When work is caught up, I will combine this library book and  pile of vintage sheeting to make slipcovers for the sunroom.


They will look great with these pillows. I love these pillows. I made then from special order samples I bought when my local fabric store went out of business, hence the reason they are backed with really expensive silk that I would never use in the sunroom otherwise.


At my husband's excellent suggestion, I made mango salsa. Oh my word, I could eat this stuff by the quart.


Tuesday, Jan. 15:

At the zoo -- Nolan had a class on African animals and culture. Good stuff.



Long shadows formed while I waited for him to finish.


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