Monday, January 14, 2008

Saturday, Jan. 12

HGTV has a new show called "Desperate Spaces." The tag line is that "it all starts with a confession." Here's mine: Despite the fact that every other room has been remodeled so as to have no resemblance to when we bought this house, our master bathroom has remained completely unchanged, right down to the vintage 1981 hot pink flowers on the wallpaper. I know, I need an intervention.

Saturday, we (and by that, I mean my incredible husband) took the first step in bringing our bath out of its virtual big hair and bangle bracelets by installing a new shower door. It's amazing how happy this has made me.

Before (avert your eyes from the wallpaper):




And after (pardon the poor lighting by this point in the day):


I already have the gorgeous sage green toile wallpaper and I can't wait to see those flowers disappear.

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