Sunday, January 27, 2008

I can't see it

There is a rumor that I might be colorblind. While I refuse to give credence to such vicious talk, I will concede that I need some help in the fabric coordination arena. I want to start planning the quilt that I am going to make for our master bedroom. I know I won't be able to sew it until school is out, but I can probably fit in some cutting here and there before then. I am posting pictures of fabric below. Help me choose. I know colors may not be entirely true this way, but I have no gift for this and would appreciate any advice. By the way, there is not fancy pattern to this quilt. I want a basic patchwork with large squares -- and not just because I'm lazy, though sometimes instant gratification is a good thing.

These two are definitely going to be used. They were part of Mrs. M's vintage stash.



See? I don't think any of these three will work... Maybe the green?



Janet McKinney said...

One really good way to tell how fabrics are going to go together is to squint while looking at them, and you can see the contrast more easily.

Choosing the right fabrics depends on what effect you are wanting to achieve. Do you want a distinct square patches showing - then you need contrasting fabrics. Or do you want a more blended effect - then you need fabrics that blend more - similar colours, but different intensity.

When you look at the two fabrics you really want, there is not too much difference in intensity, though they are different colours. I can't help but think that the green is too much of a contrast to them - the other two give a more blended/muted effect.

Anyhow - that is just my opinion. Have fun.

Janet McKinney

Jennifer said...

Those are some happening fabrics, but I have no clue which one you should go with. I like them all!