Monday, June 8, 2009

going ‘up’


So, the original point of this post was to urge you to go see “Up.” Go. It’s really, really good – better than Wall-E, I would say. And I really liked Wall-E.

For sensitive adults and kiddos, I am going to give you two heinous spoilers. Highlight below if you are sensitive and don’t want to feel like your ribs have been kicked in while watching a cartoon. If you’ve got the chops, go spoiler-free and have fun.


The movie includes a montage, of sorts, of scenes from the life Carl and Ellie share together. Spoiler one: There is a reference to the fact that they are expecting a baby and then they are not, complete with sad scene in the OB office. Spoiler two, which you have probably figured out from the commercials: Ellie does not live to go “up” with Carl.

Now, on to summer. We are doing school a couple of days per week. I feel like I have the world at my fingertips. Still working, with a big project in high gear this week. The kids have Vacation Bible School next week – the girl is teaching, the boy is participating. I am working on my own personal projects next week because I DID NOT VOLUNTEER FOR VBS. Aren’t you proud? I have zero guilt about this decision. So there.

I am hoping for productivity and good things to post.

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Susan in SC said...

Glad you liked Up. I thought about taking the boys but was not sure. We loved Wall-E so your review was good to read. :-)