Friday, January 8, 2010

leap year (the movie) – PG alert

We had the opportunity for a sneak peek at “Leap Year,” which opens today. No spoilers here, but the movie was very sweet and surprisingly funny. I first knew Amy Adams from “Enchanted” and she is indeed enchanting in this movie, as is Matthew Goode. The destination is predictable (but it doesn’t try to be an M. Night movie, so I’m OK with a little predictability) but the journey is still fun. And for fellow parents of teenaged girls who like chick flicks – this one is pretty clean. It is PG (PG!!) for sensuality and language. PG-rated movies are few and far between (I’m talking to you, movie makers.) Compared to the PG-13 offerings that are standard fare these days, this one is refreshing. But it does have the unpleasant side-effect of making viewers want to book a trip to Ireland.

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April Mitchell said...

This is great to hear!! Thanks I'll pass it along- I love a good clean movie