Tuesday, March 2, 2010

i write words

More of my hard work is online for your reading pleasure. If it indeed is not pleasurable, please don’t tell me.

More links are coming…

Fellow South Carolinians, please check out the Spring issue of Sandlapper magazine. It is in bookstores and in your mailbox if you are a subscriber. I have a story running about the BMW Charity Pro-Am. I have written extensively about the tournament in the past (and I don’t know a birdie from a mulligan – OK, I know what a mulligan is) but this is my first time profiling a sampling of the diverse charities that benefit from the event. Guess who’s playing this year? Cheech, Puddy and John Locke – good souls all. (Note to those in attendance: I dare you to walk up to Terry O’Quinn and say, “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” I’m sure he never hears that...)

On a completely different note, it is snowing here again and I have deadlines. What happens when seasonal affective disorder meets stress? Why, cooking, of course! Here’s how my stress manifests itself (enlarge to see what’s cooking):

kitchen stress

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