Friday, June 6, 2008

elegance personified


In a perfect world, I would dress like this everyday.

I told my husband that and he asked, "Even the white gloves?"

Oh, yes. Especially the white gloves.

(I have begun the process of cataloging the patterns I will put in my online shop in a couple of weeks. This is my current favorite.)


Southern Bella said...

So glad you visit me!! Hope you can come back soon.

Don't you just love those white gloves? I use to have a pair of the shorter ones when I was a little girl. Wore them to church for special events, like Easter.

Robin/Southern Bella

CalicoDaisy said...

Wow! I, too, would like to dress like that everyday and have the waist to fit into it properly! I'd need staff, though, to do all the things I do around here, so I could be ready and pretty to don such lovelies and wait with a cocktail (diet coke and ice) for my husband at the end of the day with dinner served at 6:00.

You're going to have an on-line shop?


Chris Worthy said...

I need a staff, too. I bet pattern lady has a staff, don't you think? ;)
Yes, I am launching a little etsy shop soon, filled with vintage patterns and such. It's a new venture for me, so we'll see...