Friday, July 4, 2008

independence day


We're kicking off our day with blueberry muffins.

Need a refresher course (on the holiday, not the muffins)? Visit the National Archives, in person if you can. It was painful to see how badly the original charters of freedom have deteriorated, but heartening to realize that the meaning of these documents, written with great wisdom and discernment, has not faded.

On a completely unrelated note, you have to try this focaccia:


And, oh, I have an Etsy shop now, launched with little (no) fanfare. There is much more to be added and maybe it will warrant a little fanfare then, like maybe a vintage pattern giveaway or something equally sweet -- or SWEEEET!, as my son says.


CalicoDaisy said...

MMMmmm....Blueberry farm opened up here today! We'll be going picking some early morning this week.

Angela said...

Those look wonderful! Make a button for your shop and I'll put it on my blogs for you!