Tuesday, July 29, 2008

moulage casting, yeah


Ack. I am not sure how it got to be Tuesday, but here we are. Time for a catch up post. Sorry for the length.

:: My husband and I saw the much anticipated (by us) X-Files movie Friday night. If you loved the show, you will love the movie. (If you get the title of this post, I'd say you will find it $9 --or more -- well spent.) Unless I missed it, there was not a forehead kiss to be found in the entire movie. That, my friends, is a good thing. Don't go unless you want a grown-up, intelligent, subtle movie. If you want the opposite of that, go see Journey to the Center of the Earth, which I also saw last week. It was one of those things you can file under "parental sacrifice."

And by all means, if you go see the X-Files, stay through the credits. This is important information. Less important is the fact that my husband and I were the youngest people in the theater. Very odd.

:: To quote Napoleon Dynamite, "Dang." I forgot to post the link to my story about the anniversary of South Carolina State Parks. The history of our park system is very interesting -- or maybe it is just because I am a South Carolinian and a history geek. Enjoy.

:: I am learning a new (read: terrifying) skill, which I may share here as soon as I feel confident enough. Let's just say it is now invading my dreams, which probably means I am having more anxiety than I even realize. It is a skill that two-thirds of Americans already possess (OK, I made that up, but it's a lot), so it's no biggie to most of the world -- just me. However, I turn 40 in a few short months and I will no longer avoid anything out of fear. I will continue to avoid certain activities (jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, BASE jumping, etc.) that carry an unacceptable potential for death, just because I am silly that way.

:: We are going to ease into fifth grade with two days of school next week. I am considerably more relaxed this year and marginally more organized.

:: Serendipity = buying a 50-cent vintage dictionary to recycle as craft paper and finding baby's breath pressed lovingly inside. (See above.)


:: Providence = finding only the second copy of the 1973 Spire Christian Comic Book "Tom Landry and the Dallas Cowboys" that I have ever seen. It's going to be a Christmas gift for my brother, who hopefully doesn't read this but who does love the Cowboys. The first copy I ever saw now hangs in our TV room. It is signed by Tom Landry. Alas, this one is not. (But again, "dang," I just Googled it and it is worth something like $70, which is $69.75 more than I paid for it. Who knew? It would probably be wrong to sell it on eBay instead of giving it to my brother....)



Angie said...

I've been debating on whether to see the X-files movie, maybe I will now :-)

Chris Worthy said...

Angie, let me know what you think -- and don't forget to stay through the credits. The kid who cleans up the theater thought we were nuts, I'm sure, but we didn't leave our seats. ;)

Leslie said...

Oh rats,,,,we saw the movie Saturday, loved the movie....BUT did not stay for the credits. What did we miss?