Wednesday, July 9, 2008

on my desk...


I'm learning something new. It's hard.

In other news, Tom Petty and I started on the peaches yesterday and then my husband came home, and he is exponentially better than Tom. He grabbed a knife and got to work and we lost count of the bags of peaches we put in the freezer. We are done and really, I am no longer in the mood for peaches -- a temporary state, I'm sure.

Anyone who has put pen to paper locally is remembering Exie Newton, the greatest copy editor ever, who passed away recently at age 80. I was asked to write a story giving her friends a chance to pay tribute. I was a wreck putting it together, just knowing that Exie wasn't here to proof it for me. I hope she's proud.

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CalicoDaisy said...

Pretty! Now there is something I happen to be excellent at, and I can say so with no worries. My mom and I have exactly the same gauge, so we can pick up each other's work and carry on. I have a fantastic dishcloth design that I created that has little nubbies throughout the cloth and makes it quite the scrubby when using the cotton yarns. I'll send it to you sometime, and it can be our little secret! -- Michele