Thursday, January 29, 2009

Crafters unite (again)


Felt food made by me. Warning: these items are not approved for sale.

Edited because I should never post before having coffee...

Craft sites all over the U.S. today are reminding folks that the CPSIA deadline is looming.

Please take a moment to contact the CPSC about this issue. The law will take effect as scheduled, but the CPSC continues to clarify the parameters. (If you're interested, read the general counsel's opinions on the CPSC site.) While my babies are older now and their gifts are more likely to come from Japan and be accompanied by a power cord and charger, some things will be a part of our house for many years to come -- good books, art and craft supplies, good books, school supplies (yes, lots of those), Scout supplies and patches, board games, science kits, kids' clothing, camp gear, video games, good books, good books, and more. I love a bunch of little ones who -- without changes in this well-meaning attempt at grossly exaggerated government regulation -- will have to rely on me for handmade toys. (Sad, eh?) And should I ever become adept enough to sell those toys? Here's a sample of what they might cost.

As someone who tries to reuse, recycle and buy used items as much as possible, I am also gravely concerned about the Goodwills and Salvation Armies of the world, who may choose to stop selling used items intended for use by children under 12, rather than risk the penalties should something they sell be found to contain lead. Think that 1960s collectible toy is going to be found on the shelf next to the Scrabble game (just bought a complete one for $1.25 a couple of weeks ago) and the used textbooks? I suspect the entire shelf will soon be empty and those items will be destined for the landfill.

And read this from Forbes (Thanks, Jenny). It is a pretty clear assessment of what might happen come Feb. 10.

According to Forbes, I agree with Ron Paul on this issue. Maybe it really is a sign of the apocalypse.

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