Friday, January 16, 2009

random is the new organized, didn't you hear?

::It's cold -- wicked cold, as my friends from the North might say.


::I could be the fifth cylon. You don't know. I could be. I'm probably not.

::I do not enjoy flying, probably because I have to relinquish control to someone I've never met. (I prefer a Q&A before takeoff: How are things at home? Any medications? Could I have a small blood sample before you head back to the cockpit? Care to do a few field sobriety tests?)After yesterday's events, I'll just ask this gentleman to fly the plane. Or this one.

::Homeschooling is showing me (among other things) that textbooks have giant, gaping holes -- big enough for the Rough Riders to roll through. (The Spanish-American War receives a cursory treatment in the world of elementary school social studies. World War I doesn't do much better.) The omissions are starting to bug me.

:: We need more bookshelves. Soon, the cry for help will be coming from underneath something.

::It's awesome that the verse from our (not a) Christmas card was key in yesterday's Bible study.

::Due to some space issues, one of my editors chose to run a "best of" column this month. It is two years old, but I am happy to report that we still have date nights and we still snuggle on the couch to watch "24." The kids are still grossed out. We still don't care.

:: I welcome advice on scraping popcorn ceilings and using Sonlight homeschool curriculum. If you know about both of those things, all the better.


LINDSAY said...

Have you checked out ? she has a section on homeschooling in her blog that a few people contribute to. I mention it because i think a recent post mentions the sonlight sytem. good luck!

Jennifer said...

No advice on popcorn ceilings or Sonlight. But you are right, you'll definitely need more and more bookshelves the longer you use Sonlight!