Thursday, August 12, 2010

and now it’s a food blog…


Those peppers I showed you ended up in the freezer. I washed all the bells, cored them and cut them in strips. I spread them on cookie sheets and tray froze (?) them, before bagging them for the deep freeze. They went from field to freezer in just a few hours. I am looking for a feasible alternative to freezer bags. I want to avoid plastic, but I also want my food to be safely stored through the winter. I am open to suggestions.

The hot peppers went straight in the bag. I didn’t even wash them. I will use them in salsa and such, so as I pull them out one by one I will rinse them well and just cut them up for use then. I have done this many times before with great results.


The okra was a bit of a pain, but it will be worth it. I am probably the only one who will eat it. More for me. I rinsed the okra well and trimmed the stem end. This involves cutting off the stem but not opening up the seed pod. This skill is easily mastered after the first 150 pieces or so. (No joke.) I blanched the okra and cooled it in an ice bath, following these instructions. I bagged it and will enjoy its southern yumminess this winter (or sooner).


3 comments: said...

I caught your article at HOTM, thanks I will try to watch that movie with my daughter. Now for canning and freezing,I feel your pain. My parents were blessed with a peach and fig crop this year. I peeled, cut up, put in plastic containers and placed in freezer. The plastic containers bothered me for two seconds also but oh well I think the straight off the tree and into my freezer won out. The peaches are so yummy and we have enough figs until next year. Thanks for the post. :)

Rose said...

Yum! It all looks good. I would love to have a freezer full of peppers.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! You should try the candlemaking. It's easier than you think.

Maple Ridge Vintage said...

You too Chris!!!! How's weather your way? hot and sticky not like :( Hugs~~Chris