Wednesday, August 11, 2010

know thy farmer

I love that we live in an area where we can still buy direct from the farm. It’s not the easiest thing in the world, but it is worth it. I recently trekked out to Barefoot Organic Farm and came home with 42 pounds of tomatoes (mostly Romas), four pounds of okra, eight pounds of peppers (bell – mostly red, some purple and green, and Hungarian Wax), as well as four dozen fresh-from-the-free-range-chicken eggs. Farmer Kathy raises chickens and turkeys as meat birds. I haven’t bought those, but if you eat meat and you are local, give her a try. Her birds live out in the fresh air and sunshine, eating bugs and such the way God intended. They are not the grotesque, sickly birds from Food, Inc. I can’t think about those poor birds…

Anyway, back to the veggies:


I picked a peck of peppers just beyond that barn. Maybe it wasn’t a peck. If you zoom in, you can actually see one of the egg layers scratching around back there. Cool.


Future site of the okra field:


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